Canteen of Sattva Vikas School


Canteen of Sattva Vikas School

Nutrition is vital at every age. We as children require proper nutrients, to stay healthy and strong. It helps us establish a foundation for healthy eating practice and nutritional knowledge that we as children can relate throughout our life. I still remember, my grandmother had told me,


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”


I believe this till date. The environment of a school can certainly exert a strong influence on a student’s food decisions. In order to facilitate students to make more healthy food choices and to develop healthy eating habits, it is essential that the school’s food environment is healthy. But when I joined Sattva Vikas School, I wondered if I would get a healthy choice of food here, same as my home. I also consider,


“Healthy school lunch means students are getting the nourishment they need to power their minds and bodies to learn.”


Satisfying all my curiosities and worries, when I visited the canteen of Sattva Vikas School, I was extremely happy. Sattva’s environment is surely promising the same. The canteen is spacious and welcoming. There is an easy entry and exit way to the canteen so as to evade chaotic rush by the students. A proper placement of dine in tables is made so as to make the Sattvites feel comfortable for the meal. The kitchen area is also preserved well and clean . It is very extensive and ventilated. Students’ tastes and healthy habits are kept in consideration for the meal’s menu. The food is prepared in Indian traditional vessels, not forgetting about our traditional Indian culture. The canteen staff is also very cooperative and courteous with the students. The quality of the food-stuff and the conduct of the canteen staff are checked regularly.


I am a hygiene freak. My Senior Kg teacher once told me, ‘Keep the surroundings pure and clean, the hygiene will keep you healthy, physically and mentally.’ Of course, when it comes to sustain hygiene, Sattva Vikas Best CBSE school in Ahmedabad sets health and hygiene as  its first priority.
Thank you so much Sattva for everything!