Dear students,



Building ‘YOU’ means to train and weave within yourselves the finer human traits. We have to ascend the steps of excellence within the frame work of our day to day school life and also remain cheerful, lively and fresh while doing so. Science is expanding day by day by leaps and bounds due to new inventions which have made our life comfortable and easy. On the other hand, availability of various new inventions has created the problem of demand for unnecessary things. From the time we wake up and open our eyes till we go to bed, we are continuously surrounded by ‘Information Explosion’. We are so engrossed in this onslaught that it leads to a false illusion that this itself is life.

Every ‘Sattvashali’ student must organize his\her time and must evolve a concept of ‘Time Bank’. Time-Management is the first step towards success. One should learn at least twenty new words everyday and try to use them in sentences. You should write at least twenty sentences on any one subject which will enable you to put your thoughts in concrete written form. This practice will also streamline your thought process. To strengthen whatever has been taught in the school, it must consciously re-run in your mind so that it is imprinted forever. The 3-4 hours that you save today will be deposited automatically in your ‘Sattva Time Bank’.

The interest in the form of ‘collection of new words’ and ‘pinpointed thinking process’ on your ‘Fixed Deposit Of Knowledge’ will have multiplier effect. You should aim to be 100% more successful than your parents and teachers. Your duty at this juncture, is to strive to deposit more and more ‘Deposit’ in the form of knowledge, in your very own ‘Sattva Time Bank’. This will definitely lead you to your ultimate goal of mastery.