The 11 mantras of ‘Sattva Vikas’


S elf-reliance for quality enhancement
The syllabus has been designed to promote self-learning. Creative worksheets and projects will help children achieve self-reliance.


A chievement Oriented Curriculum
Students will be exposed to various kinds of learning activities, which in turn will help them overcome real life hurdles.


T echnology : a way of life at Sattva Vikas
The school will use the power of modern technology to make teaching-learning processes more effective, in order to motivate students, and ultimately move them towards greater learning.


T uition-less society : creating a stress-free world
The Learning Support Department of the school has designed innovative software for deciding remedial processes. Appropriate provision will be made by the school within its premises for students who require the support.


V alue based education
Our great Indian Culture and Sanskaras will not be treated just as a subject but will be imbibed in the day to day learning processes of the school.


A bility to excel
The school aims at providing students over 6000 life situations with the sole purpose of enriching their highly receptive minds. This will enable them to take right decisions at the appropriate time.


V ision for versatility
The school has a Read-rich program, which takes care of the fact that each book has a reader and each reader has a book from the library to read.


I nnovative approach to inquiry based learning
Students will be exposed to e-learning through collaborative multi-media projects. Thus allowing them to master the art of learning ‘How to learn ?’


K nowledge that leads to higher quality of life
The knowledge provided will be formative more than informative. The school will not only develop natural talents but will also shape them as to enable them to lead a higher quality of life.


A ccuracy in all walks of life
Pinpoint precision and accuracy are the virtues, which should be carefully cultivated in students. The school environment acts as a catalyst in making Swastik students Sattvashali human-beings.


S upreme success
Well-knit, interwoven processes elevate students to their ultimate destination: ‘Supreme Success‘.