‘Holistic education in vibrant learning environment where all love to learn and learn to love’.


We aspire to create a conducive environment where pupils –


Learn from the past,
Appreciate the present and
Prepare for the future.



Our mission is


  To nurture creative, adaptable and morally upright pupils.
  To foster caring and challenging environment where pupils become self-directed lifelong learners, analytical thinkers and effective members of the society and also productive citizens of a dynamic, global community.
  To provide children with spontaneous and creative opportunities as well as an organized curriculum that engenders self-discipline and responsibility.
  To provide a safe environment that is psychologically and emotionally nurturing and which is conductive to learning: equally about academics as well as oneself.
  To stimulate a desire for learning and to educate our students to realize that knowledge is the competitive key to strengthen self, community and country.
  The faculty, staff and administration in keeping this in focus and committed to the research based SMART school model will strive to meet the educational needs of each and every child.
  The continuous ‘School Improvement Process’ will enable us to dedicate our energies and resources to this commitment. We are convinced that studying, planning, setting goals and evaluating our progress based upon these goals will result in improved achievement of our students.