How To Manage Exam Stress

How To Manage Exam Stress

What do you think; is the school identified with its building? A school is identified with what is happening within it. And when I talk about Sattva Vikas school, my school surpasses everything as it is a culmination of various dynamic things happening; keeping us zestful and infused with energy for leaning and understanding something new. I am Hayati from Grade 9 and I would like to share what I feel my school is all about..


In Sattva Vikas we are never refered as students; we are referred as learners. As we are into a never ending learning process, be it academic, morality or mannerisms. We are equipped with a vivacious batch of teachers who are just working to make our learning a smooth sail and yeah to mention if we encounter any hurdle, we are taken care of in the most compassionate way. My school teachers have put tremendous efforts to build a comforting ambience in school and even during online sessions. My school prefers us to sit with our uniforms on as it gives a more disciplined feeling. My teachers not only arrange the events but also encourage each one of us to participate with enthusiasm. Sattva knows the importance of taking creative and constructive gaps and that is why Sattva conducts art sessions, yoga and dance session for fitness and workout, music classes and much more. Indeed, nothing can stop  Team Sattva or Sattvites. There is no stopping and looking back for my school. My school is always about looking forward and adapting to the new things happening around.  


My school doesn’t want us to be stressed out and take studies as a burden instead our teachers try their best to change our perspective towards studies as more of fun than burden. The methodology of teaching and techniques to solve all our doubts makes online learning no less than physical learning. 


It’s not over yet; Sattva has also utilized technology in the most perfect and efficient way. Cisco WebEx for classes, Google Classroom for submitting the assignments and projects, Videos supporting the new concepts, and even sometimes Live Quizzes. All of this makes it really very interesting and exciting to study. We don’t have any barrier in the time framework for clearing a doubt and this helps Sattva’s learners gain concept clarity and understanding. We have our Podclass for each subject which enables quicker solution to our doubts at any time of the day and so we are indirectly connected to our teachers for any time of the day. And that makes MY SATTVA- The best school!! 

It’s really important to trust the school authority with your future, and I can proudly say that I do trust Sattva Vikas with my upcoming days. My school encourages me to explore and share, generates curiosity and teaches me to be independent. And I think these are the key points for a bright future, aren’t they? And one more brownie point to add- not missing out on my virtual platform- SATTVA’s very own Radio Station.. Here we  get a chance to express our ideas, thereby giving me  opportunity to overcome  stage fear. Radio Sattva 20.03 gives me a chance to be vocal about my views.


And in the end I know MY SATTVA is one-stop institution for instilling in me, the right values, correct approach and the most promising career.


Love You Sattva- The Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad!!