Don’t Let the Bag be a Drag on Health

Don’t Let the Bag be a Drag on Health

Don’t Let the Bag be a Drag on Health As per the policy the maximum weight of the school bags has been capped at 10% of the student’s weight. In addition to this, students below Class 2 will not be given any homework as per the proposal of the new policy.


But this ‘Policy on School Bag 20’ is not something new for Sattva Vikas School. Sattva Vikas as the progressive “Hi-Tech School” was the first in Ahmedabad to introduce a new model of schooling with the motto ‘No Bags , No Homework and No Tuition’ while many schools in Ahmedabad are still lagging in educational performance by following the stereotype of the hard-working, rote memorization, myopic tunnel vision, work ethics. Whereas, Sattva Vikas is leading in child centric and child friendly pedagogies. 


Sattva Vikas School aims at building awareness in its students and creating the knowledge base needed to be insightful thinkers, harness the multiple intelligences in every learner and cater to the diverse interests and abilities by always seeking new tools that support teaching in the best possible way.


As a renowned institute our commitment towards quality and smart education come with ‘CARE’ as every child is special for us. Sattva has a goal of providing the holistic education and circulating the best learning among children without putting any pressure or burden by ‘Smart Teaching for Smart Generation’


Students here are fully nurtured and guided to complete their learning process on their own in the school itself, hence not carrying the burden of bags at home.


Sattva believes that ‘Books were never supposed to be a burden which students and parents would grow to resent’, so venture of remedial classes, also has been initiated to lay the foundation for pupils’ life-long learning, which helps students develop positive attitudes and values. This prepares our Sattvites for future studies and career. In short Sattva Vikas School  Best CBSE school in Ahmedabad endeavours to make its students independent and self-reliant learners marching ahead with confidence.


Excellence is about being the best, and Sattva stands by it by delivering what it always does, ‘Quality Education’.