An Ideal School Leads To Holistic Development

An Ideal  Leads To Holistic Development

It is a misconception that best cbse school in Ahmedabad is a mere building where students just read, write, study and give exams to be able to earn and make a living. Today I would like to draw your attention and shatter the myth regarding A True School.

Sattva Vikas School is an extended version of Gurukool. Yes! You got it right- the traditional system of learning which is a blend of effective learning combined with holistic development of an individual. Let me give it an appropriate term; how about…Gen Z-Gurukool…The Sattvakool

Sattva Vikas is a ‘Phrontistery’ in itself focusing on each and every parameter essential for harmonized and integrative wellbeing of young scholars. Here, we have an environment that allows students to breathe in the fresh air to rejuvenate their spirits and mind; and makes them ready to explore a plethora of knowledge and wisdom.

We don’t refer to our children as students but learners; the reason being -students are called students because they study and study, fill in the information within a limited framework. But LEARNERS are a breed apart!! They learn, absorb, implement, evolve!! And we are all aware learning is a never-ending life long process. Sattva allows its Budding Learners to venture into activities beyond multiplicity.

Our learners belong to the 21st Century– totally equipped with the latest technology, the latest methodology, the latest updates and life skills.  Yet they are in sync with our rich traditions and culture. Taking pride in who we are- our learners relish ‘traditional khana’ in the school Cafeteria, play ‘Indian games’, learn finer nuances of ‘sugam sangeet’, try their hand at various forms of performing arts besides focusing on academic excellence.  Character building and development of the inner core is pivotal in Sattva philosophy.

Sattva Vikas enables its learners to not just be effective and resourceful in academic pursuits but also attempts to imbue in them the love for family values, culture and tradition. At Sattva we celebrate ‘Guru Purnima’ with a great fervor making it very clear the importance we lay on respect and integration with our edifying ideals. 

At Sattva Vikas School we create GEN Z learners -equipped with vision beyond your comprehension, adaptability to the dynamic technology driven world and rooted to our culture and morality. I would not hesitate to say, “Charity begins at home, but it begins at Sattva too.”

Let me frame it correctly, an elaboration of what was said by the great scientist, Albert Einstein “Schooling creates the capacity to be a lifelong learner; the end product of which is WISDOM.”

At Sattva we strive to collaborate knowledge and wisdom. To make my point clear I share an example- Being aware that tomato is a fruit is Knowledge but, not using it in the fruit salad is Wisdom. The journey of learning at Sattva helps our learners differentiate between knowledge and wisdom. Here they are taught ‘How to think and not what to think’. 

The roots keep the trees grounded and anchored to the earth and if the roots are strong a tree always remains nurtured and nourished. Its boughs spread out in all the directions.

Similarly, Sattva Vikas School provides strong Roots to its Sattvites to expand their vision and Strong Wings to soar high and adapt to the dynamism of the new core of the world.

To conclude I would say Our Sattvites are GLOCAL– the rarest combination of Local and Global and IQ and EQ.

Thank you!