To download the required certificate please click on the given link next to your child’s particulars. The certificates have been arranged according to the year of passing/school leaving.


Admission No. Student Name Class Certificate Issue date Download Document
332 Aarshvi Shah Vth (5th) 2015-06-24 Download
328 Hitansh Desai Vth (5th) 2015-07-29 Download
755 Vishal Bharadia IXth (9th) 2015-08-01 Download
682 Harshvardhan Rathore XIIth (12th) 2015-08-07 Download
521 Purva Desai XIIth (12th) 2015-08-07 Download
040 Swetangi Antala XIIth (12th) 2015-08-07 Download
736 Dhwanil Desai VIIIth(8th) 2015-11-05 Download
737 Dishank Desai Vth (5th) 2015-11-05 Download