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                          Sattva Vikas School proudly presents fresh ‘Adventure Tales’
                          written by Sattvites and compiled, edited and designed by the
                          committed team of Sattva Vikas Mentors.

                          Sattva motto goes with ‘Skill India’ motto. We thrive to nurture creative,
                          talented and motivated linguists. In Sattva, we desire to bridge the
                          talent gap and set the direction at young age itself so that more can

                          be achieved with most perfection. Our story writing endeavour aims
                          to harness the creativity of the children in a web of words powered
                          by strength of language.

                          We strongly believe writing is a wonderful way for children to use
                          their creative mind and imagination. It is bound to develop their
                          creativity as well as their thought processing skills allowing them to
                          think outside the box and push their ideas.

                          Story writing - A safe comfortable form of self expression has been
                          used with the aim of developing cognitive growth, organizational
                          abilities, and the power to influence others through persuasion. In

                          short writing is used to ‘Power the Brain’.
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